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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Inter Personal Relationships

What is Emotional Intelligence : an ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, and of others.

Role of Emotions:

Emotions play a critical role in organizations where there is a need for people to work in groups or teams. A leader who is strong in mind and thoughtful can perceive, observe and direct the emotions of the team members through proper channels. Such a leader is said to be “emotionally intelligent”.

No! It is not about intelligence quotient but emotional intelligence. Empathy is the ultimate quality expected in leaders and managers rather than being rated high in the IQ scale.The capacity to perceive, scrutinize and manage one’s own emotions and that of others is one major factor of advantage in the concept of emotional intelligence. An emotionally intelligent person can institutionalize and manage change as well as make powerful decisions.

Emotional Inteligence

Grooming of Human Mind and Skills:

Human resource management throws up a real challenge to corporate organizations, where human minds and skills have to be groomed for the purpose of transcending their performance to remarkable levels in order to satisfy the production requirements. This is possible only when an organization has a leader who can draft and amalgamate the process of relationship management and skill development without a glitch for the benefit of the organization .

Transformational leadership with constructive attitude and open approach is well appreciated and accepted by the worker force.

What are the distinct features of emotional intelligence?

  • High perception
  • Being insightful
  • Sensitive to the needs and requirements of the employees
  • Self-control
  • Self-awareness
  • Open communication
  • Empathy
  • Change management skills
  • Effective decision making
  • Ever sanguine
  • Instrumental in developing interpersonal skills
  • Breaks the conventional rules
  • Aggressive and daring in his approach
  • Socially popular and easily gain acceptance
  • Motivation driver

The rational quotient behind emotional intelligence helps people to think and act smart even during nerve-racking situations.Emotional intelligence helps people to think and act in a logical manner in stressful situations that can divert their energy into positive thinking. A leader with high emotional intelligence can work efficiently with his team members.

The spirit of exuberance from the leader acts as a positive signal and takes the pressure off the employees’ mind. It is this ability to identify and understand the emotions of people working under him makes him a comrade rather than a commando.

Low vs High Emotional Intelligence

Why EI is Necessary?

Emotional intelligence is necessary for top level executives at management level to stand out and succeed. An ordinary employee who does mundane job everyday is expected to be technically sound and well-trained.

The same criterion can never be applied to a manager or a chief executive who is bound to manage both formal and informal teams working under the same roof. Only persons who are emotionally sound can uphold the proceedings with dynamism and verve.

By motivating human personnel you can get things done in a smooth manner:

  • Give them a fresh start to prove themselves in case if they fail at the first attempt
  • Anger management of self/others
  • Channelize the emotions of self/others and create positive vibes
  • Perceive the problems from various angles to get a complete picture
  • Understanding the root of the problem
  • Treating work as fun
  • Thinking out of the box – parallel thinking and creative thinking must be encouraged amongst the employee group.

People with high emotional intelligence are the ones needed in business community as big corporate organizations always find it difficult to manage human resource. The management has to devise a system that takes into account the intricacies of human mind and assigning right people to handle the perplexities.