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Leader vs. Manager

Leader vs. Manager – what is the connecting thread?

Who is a Leader?

A leader is always looked up to, by his followers as they are truly inspired by his personality, behavior and the power of his words and actions.

The intellectual ability of a leader is definitely on the higher scale than a non-leader and also the perceptual ability and decision making skills are amazing.

The main idea of pondering over leadership is that how the qualities of a leader make him more successful and how those unique qualities can be acquired by a manager of a firm to influence a group towards achievement of goals.

What makes a leader unique?

Every individual is bestowed with at least one special quality that makes him unique. A leader obviously is inherent with so many good traits and qualities that influence others and the best part of the story is that he understands his own potential and employs the right skills at the right time.

It is basically a personal quality of character in a man that influences the behavior of others in a productive manner.


leadership and management


Top 10 qualities of an effective leader;

  • A man of charisma-the followers should be attracted by his magnetism and willingly contribute to the cause
  • Should have a clear idea of future plans-Here he differs from the manager who is concerned more about the productivity
  • Should be action-oriented, dare to achieve the impossible
  • Should be tough at heart -stick to his principles and not a victim to circumstances
  • Should be  flexible, when it comes to the #welfare of his people
  • Maintain integrity and humility
  • Value-driven to gather trust
  • Open and honest in his endeavors
  • Creative-the ability to think out of the box
  • Should possess sense of humor that makes him an affable person and even serious issues can be dealt with ease


Leader vs. Manager


Is Manager a Leader too?

Is it necessary that a manger has to be a good leader too? Of course yes. By virtue of being selected for the post of the manger, a person cannot manage the show. Unless he possesses the true qualities of a leader he cannot pull the strings tight and lead the organization in the right track.

Without the right elements of leadership, he merely becomes a care-taker enjoying his pay and perks. He will not be liked by his subordinates if he doesn’t have that drive to make a mark of himself as an assertive person and in due course of time either he becomes the entertainer of the firm or he loses his integrity, both of which is not good for the organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Roles of an efficient manager:

A manager has the necessity to prove himself in terms of planning, formulating strategies, successful completion of targets, increased production, increased sales, acquisition of more orders, managing his team without much conflicts and above all make the team to abide by and obey his rules.

A manager to be a successful leader need not be aggressive to prove his point but tough and determined to get things done. Big corporate firms frame ‘systems’ which are nothing but templates of action incorporating all the elements needed for execution in a tailor made fashion.

A manager has to now focus on the strategic elements of management since the technicality is being taken care of by the systems.

What is the right management approach?

Managers expect subordinates to nod their heads in approval to whatever they say. This not the right approach; there should always be a reciprocal relationship between both the parties as in the case of a leader and his followers.

A give and take policy makes you more admirable and dependable. Your openness creates trust and cordiality in the minds of your employees. Your boss will start having great regards for you as you are not only a manager but also a wonderful leader.

A manager who is also a leader can make things work in his favor as effective management is in need of effective leadership.

A leader emerges and he is not made as far as I’m concerned. The inherent qualities of a leader come out like a lightning when the right situation warrants for such an action. It is like a metamorphosis and whatever amount of training is given, a natural leader cannot be produced.