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How to Use Social Media to Get More Visitors

How to Use Social Media to Get More Visitors

Social media marketing can seem like a scary task, especially for a busy professional. But, it’s an excellent way to build brand awareness, increase customer service and just interact with your client base.

If you want to get the most from your social media, you need to create outstanding profiles that get noticed for all the right reasons.

Here are some simple ways to boost  up your business social media profiles and create an impressive representation of your brand.

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1. Post Original Content

How to Use Social Media to Get More Visitors

There’s nothing wrong with a share here and there but you will make much more improvement when you post unique  content to your social media accounts.

You want people to come to your page/ stream and see things they have not already seen elsewhere. 

You want to give valuable content that makes them want to come back again and also to share with their friends.

All you need to do is get creative. For instance, it wouldn’t take long to take a few FAQs and turn them into a quick (and highly useful) blog post.

If you do share, make sure you attribute properly and do not infringe upon the rights of others. This includes all types of content- articles, quotes, photos and more.

2. Optimize Your Profile

This is an excellent infographic created by The Social Media Hat – a complete guide to optimize your Linkedin profile for success.

the ultimate linkedin profile

Marketers have a short time frame to impress audience. Photos do speak volumes on the social scale. Visual marketing creates a resonance that often will cut through the noise. Yet, it takes a brand or business persona to get through the social clutter.

First and foremost, the ultimate goal of your social media efforts is to generate leads, and you can’t accomplish that if you’re not being found online.

You can improve how your brand ranks by making sure your social profiles are optimized for maximum impact. This includes filling out all your contact information and using targeted keywords in as many places as possible. 

If you want your social media profile to stand out from the many others in the average social media user’s stream, then a professional photo might be just the way to do it.

Using a professional photo of a person who leads the company is often better and more personable than using your company logo- but again, it depends on the business, the social networking platform and your branding.

Images that resonate and compel your readers to take your call of action also help promote a sharing effect.

Images can tell a brand story, share news and even link to a creative promotion or giveaways which will invite participation. The key is to target these images towards an audience that cares.

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3. Be in sync across social platforms

This is a very resourceful infographic created by Epower.com  for people looking to increase interaction, traffic, exposure or optimization. This effectiveness comparison guide might give you guidance.

best social media platforms

A value proposition is a promise, and it is important to be clear and consistent about that promise across platforms.

The first thing one must do is understand and define the brand identity clearly on social media as well as within the organization.

Who are you? The answer to this question gives a unique identity to the brand, creating awareness and shaping the way you respond or share information. 

Identify how customers will make their choice between you and your competition. Determine their decision-making process.

Review all of the things they may consider. Think about how you are ranked as they progress through that process.

Determine how to communicate value as they are deliberating. You will either adjust your product or adjust the way you communicate with customers.

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4. Choose the Social Network That Suits Your Business

This informative infographic by Chicadita gives you a detailed comparison between the existing social networking platforms to make an informed decision.

which social media platform to choose

In between the tweets and updates, Pintrest pins and Instagram snaps, the message of your brand can get lost when trying to appeal to social media users unilaterally.

Different social networks require different strategies. Sadly, you cannot hit them all with one broad stroke. 

Instead of completely reworking your brand and message to appeal to users en masse, choose the networks that suit and support your brand in its purest form.

Please understand that the hundreds of networks available are not all worth your time. It’s important to know which medians appeal to which demographics and use them to overlap your target audience accordingly.

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5. Promote Events Early

This is another wonderful infographic from Gareyfox.com highlighting how to optimise the use of social networks to increase brand awareness of your event and translate that into bookings.

the social event

The most important factor in a successful social media campaigns to make sure that you let your audience know about the event well ahead of time.

Most people have a great deal going on their social media news feed, which makes it very easy for them to miss an important update. 

You can reduce the number of people who miss your messages by posting multiple times a day, everyday of the week, leading up to the trade show.

The updates that you send out need to be creative so you can keep your audience drawn to your event.

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6. Contests

This wonderful infographic from Wyzowl looks at 7 surefire ways to make sure you master Facebook marketing.

facebook business page promotion

Having a contest that involves showing up to the trade show is a great way to increase the crowd. Usually, the money you spend on prizes for the contest will more than be paid for by the amount of exposure you get for your business.

By enticing your followers with a giveaway, you can be sure that you’ll have their undivided attention, which is worth its weight in gold.

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7. Hashtags

This sis a beautiful infographic from Rising Tide enlightening you on powerful hashtags to be used on Insta.

hashtag glossary

Coming up with a unique hashtag will allow customers to engage their friends in online conversations directly relating to your business.

By creating a unique and original hashtag, you can make it easy for your followers to find out information about the trade show.

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When it comes to implementing social media companies make a lot of mistakes including;

  1. Using tactics instead of strategy
  2. Using it exclusively to put out fires
  3. Using it to brag
  4. Not listening to your audience
  5. Having an agency as the ‘voice” of your brand
  6. Using it to push product
  7. Expecting immediate results
  8. Using interns to be the voice of the brand
  9. Not having processes in place to solve customers problems or issues.
  10. Thinking it’s going to be easy and that one person can do it

This is a curated post sourced from industry experts.