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Should I Follow Up Post Job Interview?

Here is a brief and concise article on how to go about post job  interview follow-up


So tell me, should candidates send a follow up note after an interview?

Yes, always. Whether or not a candidate is truly in the running, the interviewer can get crazy busy and it’s important to always follow up with a note and even a call in a week if there’s no word back on next steps.

Candidates should never be afraid to ask for acknowledgement and closure, even if it’s not the news they want to hear.

It is a great way to not only let someone know that you appreciated their time and insights – but also to make sure they are aware of your interest and enthusiasm, and reinforce how you “fit”.

How to lose the job interview?

From a recruiting perspective, what’s the purpose of sending a follow-up?

The follow-up is a way to reiterate interest and reaffirm why the candidate is the best fit for the role. It’s never too late, although at that point the hiring manager may have already made her decision.

But front-running candidates do decline offers and take other positions, so there’s always a possibility of being considered.

A note will probably not be able to turn around an interview that did not go well, but it could be something that could help differentiate you from equally strong candidates.

From a recruiting perspective, the recruiter will appreciate someone showing their understanding of and connection with the company, the role, and/or the people they met.  That could make a big difference.

Follow up tips for post job interview

Picture Courtesy: Careerbliss

Show that you can be graceful:

Follow up with post-interview thank-you letters to each person you talked with on your job interview.

The first step in your follow-up is a polite handwritten note card to each interviewer.

You won’t be able to fit many words on each note card, and you don’t need to.

Thank you note post job interview

 Your handwritten thank you note is very important, because the biggest problem you face after your job interviews is that the interviewers forget who you are.

They will literally forget you unless you bring yourself back to mind by mentioning something specific that you and each interviewer talked about.

An interviewee says:

You guys have no idea how effective this method is! In my last interview, I left knowing that I bombed it because I wasn’t receiving any positive feedback from my interviewer.

I was pretty bummed out by it but nevertheless, I sent him a thank you letter via email just to thank him for his time. I didn’t expect a response but little did I know, a few days later I got a nice reply from him and a week after that, I got called in for a second interview! Just goes to show how far a little effort can take you!