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Home Office Hacks For Small Spaces

Identify a designated workspace and keep it clean and organized. Work with what you have and don’t blow your entire budget on day one. There is always space for improvement; so decide what you need later. Focus on great lighting and a view. Use proper lighting to avoid unncessary eye strain and find a spot in your home with a view. Find a desk with the right height and a chair with proper back support. Interruptions can hamper productivity. Free yourself from distractions and consider using headphones. Now, let me inspire you with a few home office hacks for small spaces that can be transformed magically into a hassle free working environment.

Home office hacks for small spaces in your home.

Who says that only big office chairs are comfortable? Pick a unique and pleasant chair that would fit in your small home office space. Find the best chair deals for your home office on Spoken – a company that partners with hundreds of furniture retailers.

Home Office Hacks For Small Spaces
Never let a corner go to waste 
There are many ways to uses for corners. From stacking books and placing a plant on top, to building a Lazy Susan turning shelf, create a Reading Space, a Corner Bookshelf from Ceiling to Floor; there are uses for every space… the list goes on and on!

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Space Saver

This is a makeshift laptop table that can be installed anywhere in your home and serves as a great space saver.

Source: 24 Small Nightstand Ideas in 2021

Minimal Floating Desk

The minimal float wall desk mounts easily to any wall to create a multi-use desk or display shelf. Perfect as a laptop station, full desktop station or writing desk. Design accommodates use at standing height or traditional sitting height. Clever use of geometry and physics eliminates legs while providing a full surface slide out tray and wire management slot.

Source: Living in a Shoebox

Standing Desk Home Office

This standing desk will encourage you to be more active and more energetic all day. This can also be great for keeping your posture intact. The height of this desk can also be adjusted (so you can sit if you choose to).

Source: 16 Modern Home Office Ideas for Women (With Small Spaces)

Turn a Closet into a Home Office

This closet has been beautifully transformed into a working space by a master mind inetrior designer with a narrow low profile desk and shelving above. And the orange shade maked everything bright and sets the perfect atmosphere for a home office.

Source; 27 Ways to Create a Stylish Small Home Office

Modern and ladylike home office
Rearranging Your Furniture

Switching up the furniture arrangement in this small living room created the space needed for a home office. They have placed the sofa against the longest wall and then put the desk directly in front of the window. Doing so opened up square footage in the center of the space making the room feel open and airy instead of cramped and crowded.

Beige Minimal Bedding Set For Married Instagram Story by managementguru.net
end of hallway office space
Home Office Near Your Window

Creating a home office in a small space might be challenging, but not impossible. This small area has been carved into a lovely inspiring work place with minimal set up.

Source: 7 Ways To Carve Out A Workspace In Your Small Home

Success Could be in a Corner

One of the most efficient ways to fit a workspace into a small footprint is with a wall-mounted desk. A shelf, fixed to the wall at tabletop height, need only be as large as the space occupied by your computer (or your notebook, if you’re old-school). This little desk gets the job done, and only takes up a little bit of space. Since it’s in the bedroom, there’s also the added bonus of peace and quiet away from the rest of the house.

Source: ApartmentTherapy

This Corner is not Awkward Anymore

These Amazing Small Office Spaces are actually little creations you can probably find room for in your Home or Apartment!

Source: Cottagemarket

Work From Home Survival Guide

  • Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule
  • Carve Out a Designated Workspace
  • Build Breaks Into Your Schedule
  • Eat a Real Lunch (and Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated)
  • Set a Workout Time to Reset and Refresh
  •  If Your Kids Are Home, Get Them Involved in Your Self-Care Regimen
  • Have a Clock-Out Time to Avoid Overworking Yourself