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DIY Work From Home Tips For Success

Find yourself working from home and wondering how to do it right?  Here are some authentic DIY work from home tips backed up by some beautiful images from Pinterest and Instagram to support the argument.

DIY Work From Home Tips

From – Cozy.happy.home

The past few days, this space has been my hangout, my plant jungle, my work space, my lunch spot, my barre studio & ultimately, my inspiration!

Which space in your home are you getting the most use out of and what’s that look like for you?

diy work from home tips
Home office organized in a unique way - wall mounted desk.

Everyone’s home office is different and used differently, but we have one thing in common, we want that home office organized.

From- Lady Decluttered

Stick to your routine when you work from home
Work from home healthy lunch.

From – Theeverygirl

Work-from-home lunches can be even better than office lunches because you don’t have to worry about getting them to the office, food getting soggy while sitting around, or getting judged by your coworkers for bringing homemade celery soup like I did. A lunch break should be, in my opinion, something to look forward during the day—a nice little break with a meal you look forward to eating to let you really step away from work.

Desk near the window with green plants.

From – Lovelylivingdesignco

I adore this space. I like that the desk is near the window, I love the plants and green chair against the white. It looks light, airy and a great place to work. 

Have a to-do list when you work from home.
Daily to do list.

From – Lifeasmama

Printable daily planner to keep you organized. I love all the colors on this planner. There’s lots of room to write things that absolutely must get done, to-do lists, who you need to call, things you need to do in the morning and during the day, how much water you’ve drank and what you’re thankful for. 

Goal list for the week.

From – Clean & Scentsible

Add some fun to your weekly goal list to keep you in high spirits.

Communicate properly to your boss and co-workers when you work form home.

From – Bromabakery

Let’s face it: working from home can mean days without leaving the house, wearing the same shirt three days in a row, and wearing cotton 95% of the time. Which is great and all, but it’s also great to have a roster of cute-but-casual outfits for the work from home entrepreneur– ones that require minimal effort, but maximize your style.

Take breaks frequently to overcome the boredom. This is purely self care when you work from home.

From – Loveshanta

 As we are still settling into our new norm and practicing social distancing, some of us have the privilege of working from home. We are still figuring out how to be the most productive and make the best of our days at home. I created and implemented a work-from-home schedule for myself and wanted to share it with you all.