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Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?

If you’re losing followers on Instagram, there’s a bright chance that you’re posting content that your ideal reader isn’t interested in.

You’re posting inconsistently, or you’re posting too much. If you’ve noticed that you’re losing Instagram followers more than you’re gaining them, your posting schedule could definitely have something to do with it.

 You’ve probably heard it before and I’m certain you’ll hear it again; Consistency is KEY.

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?

How to Grow Your Followers on Instagram?


  • Define your ideal audience
  • Follow the right people
  • Let your posts add value to the followers
  • Regular posting, 1-2 posts per day will help
  • Start deciding a theme for your Instagram feed and stick on to it.
  • Show your audience that you are authentic by having transparent conversations
  • Decide on your strategy outlining what you want to achieve with your IG account
Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?


  • Stop following the wrong people
  • Never post images that are not relevant to your audience
  • Don’t go for random and irregular posting
  • Stop posting photos with different styles that don’t really match
  • Stop pretending to be someone else
  • Stop trying to do all things at once
Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?


  • Be clear about who your audience are going to be. The more specific, the better.
  • Spend more time with your kind of audience, one who shares the same interests as yours.
  • Make your posts more insightful by sharing your own transformational experiences.
  • Pay attention to which times are best for posting
  • Be more consistent with your images. Stick to your theme
  • Be more you. Embrace your quirks and habits
  • Be focused on your main goal. Once you achieve it, add a new goal.
Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?

How to Make the Perfect Instagram Bio?

  • Make your @username your actual name or business name
  • If you are a personal brand or a coach, use your image a s your profile picture so that your audience will develop an immediate trust
  • Use the space where your name should be to let people know what your profession is
  • Focus on the first two lines of your bio and make them count. Get your personality across. This is a chance to really connect with your audience.
  • You can place one link in your bio to drive traffic to, so choose wisely.
Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers ?

The Risks of buying organic followers for your  Instagram account

  • Low engagement
  • Lack of social credibility
  • Follower drop off
  • Compromised analytics
  • No sales or website traffic
  • Its againgst Instagram’s terms of service
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