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How to Boost Retail Store Sales on Thanksgiving

As per the National Retail Foundation, the holiday season is the most lucrative part of the year for retailers. As the community gets together to celebrate the holidays, businesses get an opportunity to make lasting relationships and increase conversion. 

The holiday is the perfect opportunity for retail store owners to boost their sales. Even though sales surge during festivals and the holiday season, you can further increase it with some marketing strategies.

Consumers spent $5.14 billion on Thanksgiving 2021 – a 21% rise from 2019. So how do you prepare your business to capitalize on this massive opportunity?

Here are some valuable tips that can help you boost your sales every Thanksgiving.

Retail Store Promotion Ideas

Usually, retail stores go for big promotional offers or discounts to increase sales. However, there are other ways to ensure high profit.

Instead of only using one technique, you need to be innovative to attract considerable consumer attention in such a competitive landscape. 

Thank Your Customers

Going with the spirit of Thanksgiving, expressing gratitude to your loyal customers can go a long way in building lasting relationships. Businesses are 60% more likely to sell to existing consumers than new prospects. So, launch a Thanksgiving giveaway program that appreciates your most loyal customers.

A lucky draw can be a good starting point. First, pick your oldest customers to put their info in the lucky draw. Then, a day before Thanksgiving, randomly draw 3 to 5 customers’ names and offer them an essential Thanksgiving basket as a token of appreciation.

You can make this your store tradition and follow it every year. This way, your customers will know that you value them and appreciate their commitment.

How to Boost Retail Store Sales on Thanksgiving !

Host a Contest

Another sales-boosting strategy is to host a Thanksgiving contest. Again, you can follow a specific theme or mix things up and use multiple creative ideas.

Some ideas for the Thanksgiving contest are:

  • The best Thanksgiving recipe
  • The best Thanksgiving dessert
  • Fastest Thanksgiving dessert baker
  • Fastest pie-eating competition
  • Thanksgiving themed-photographs

It would be best to advertise your contest to attract maximum people. You can distribute flyers to create a buzz around the town. You can easily make a Thanksgiving flyer on PosterMyWall. It will only take you a few minutes, and you will have an eye-catching brochure. Moreover, they offer a massive variety of templates. So, you can quickly design your Thanksgiving contest flyer and spread it in your area.

You can also directly share the flyer on your social media accounts to attract a bigger audience. With  82% of Americans using social media platforms, it is easier to attract contestants online.

Host a Charity 

Thanksgiving revolves around appreciating your close ones’ efforts and thanking them by showing gratitude. Our community is one of the primary givers in our life. So, Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to give back by hosting a charity event.

However, if you don’t have the budget to host a charity event, you can still contribute to this worthy cause. You can pair with a local charity in your area and place a donation box in your store. Then during check out, you can tell customers about the charity and ask them to donate as much as possible.

Another way of advertising your cause and urging people to donate is by creating a poster and pasting it on your retail store wall, check-out area, and social media profiles. This way, every time someone walks by your store or is shopping from it, the poster will remind them to contribute to this worthy cause.

Making Thanksgiving donation posters is very easy with PosterMyWall. They have thousands of attractive Thanksgiving poster designs to choose from. Moreover, posters are an excellent and affordable way of spreading your message to a bigger audience and urging them to donate. The reason is that people trust poster adverts.

So, use a poster maker to highlight your collaboration with a local charity. This action will endear your business to your customers. And you will also help the charity raise a lot of profits that will directly go to people or animals in immense need.

Giveaway for thanksgiving!

Advertise On Social Media

Social media is one of the largest platforms businesses use to market their products or services. So, it would be best if you did not miss this opportunity to advertise your retail store. If you don’t have a social media account, make sure to make one and ask your customers to follow or subscribe to it.

But if you already live on social media channels, post about in-store special Thanksgiving events, promotions, and discount offers on social media. Marketing these things will entice your customers to quickly come to your store and grab these deals before you run out.

You can also create a sense of urgency by posting that you have limited stock or are running out of stock. Another way of urging people is with time limit sales. Moreover, you can put paid ads on social media platforms.

Click-per-pay ads are an effective marketing strategy because they enable you to target your business to the right audience whenever they search for Thanksgiving deals in your area. This way, more people will find your store and visit it to become a part of special Thanksgiving events.

Holiday-Themed Live Event

Just because you have a retail store doesn’t mean your marketing strategies can’t shift to online forums. So, use your website and social media accounts to engage and increase your customers.

The best way of boosting web traffic and customer engagement is by hosting a Thanksgiving themed live event. You can also live stream videos using your products, showing how your products can elevate the Thanksgiving experience and how they can use them to appreciate their loved ones.

You can even host decoration or cooking classes to become popular in your area.


Thanksgiving is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated events across the world. It creates a sense of urgency in everyone as it unofficially signals the start of the holiday season. As the name suggests, everyone wants to find a way to thank significant people in their lives through gifts. Therefore, as a retail store owner, this is the right time to invest in strategies to grow your retail business further.