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Tips on How to Get Your Career Back on Track after COVID -19

In the past few weeks, the world has experienced dramatic changes in several ways. The job market has especially been walloped, experiencing job cuts work opportunities being hard to come by. 

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How to get your Career Back on Track: The COVID-19 pandemic might put your career on halt for some time and affect you in ways you didn’t expect. You’ll find yourself in the valley of hard decisions.

During a crisis, the urge to hide is strong, but instead, it should be an opportunity for positive change. In the place of panic and fear, take this time to prepare for a career comeback. Here are some tips you can use to reinvent yourself in the marketplace once the crisis is over. 

How to Get Your Career Back on Track after COVID -19
  • Prepare Mentally

Most organizations are doing the best they can to retain their employees. Unfortunately,  others may have no option but to let them go. If you suffer a job loss during this time, don’t lose your self-confidence. 

Just because one opportunity slipped off your hands doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough for another one. Work on your confidence by analyzing your strong career skillsets. Avoid the temptation to sulk or hold a pity party for yourself.  

  • Gauge Your Career Options

Picture Credit: Pixabay

When there’s a national or global economic turndown, it’s essential to be realistic and well-informed about your career options. Do you expect a transition from your current job to another? If, so, consider the types of transitions possible. 

Your options include getting a different career within the same industry. You may also look for a similar job in a different industry or change your job and industry altogether. Here’s a great place to get started and you can find one that’s looking for your specific skills or experience.

Here, your decision will significantly be influenced by trending job openings. Even as the economy seems to slow down, some industries seem to do really well. Most of them remain unaffected since demand is inelastic to price and income changes. 

  • Don’t Despise a Returnship

A returnship is more like an internship that targets experienced professionals. The most significant difference is that you don’t end up back at the bottom of the ladder. It lasts a few weeks to a few months, and your level of experience determines your remuneration.

During the returnship, you’ll be provided with extra training and membership. You’ll be in the best position to reacquaint yourself with a new work culture as you improve dormant skills. 

Different companies are launching formal returnship programs, and you may as well take advantage of them. It’ll allow you to see if it’s the right career path you want to make. If it is, you might even end up getting hired. 

  • Think Small Businesses

Picture Credits: Pixabay

Having your mind on small businesses could be in one of two ways. First, you may have tried to get hired by big companies without much success. Large organizations use resume systems that may filter out your resume. 

This is where you change your tactics. Express your interest in small businesses looking to hire new personnel. Most of them are willing to take chances, and once you’re in there, your chances of growth are almost guaranteed.

Secondly, you might think of creating your own small business. You might think that you need to have tons of money and hire many people. However, use your strong skills to start a business that brings out the best in you without costing you much. 


Get online. Spare a few hours during the day and dedicate them to building an online presence. The world is shifting to doing business online. You could start a blog where you share your thought on things you’re passionate about.

A potential employer might just notice where your strength lies. Who knows? It could be your start to a great career amidst the prevailing COVID-19 crisis.