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How well employees know about Your Organization?

How well employees know about your Organization?

Now, this is a million dollar question and a prominent issue that has to be taken care of when it comes to motivating your employees. Transparency is a booster pack that works out wonders in the area of motivation.

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How can a management be transparent in key areas like finance and business deals, my question is WHY NOT? The success of operations of a firm relies solely upon the performance of individuals who work towards the accomplishment of goals. They are the key persons who should be kept abreast about the activities of the firm.


corporate etiquette

What makes some organizations stand out?

When the Boss wants each and every employee to be truthful and loyal to him, the same expectancy would be there on the part of the workforce –Why don’t the bosses understand this?
I would cite TVS Group as a classic example that commands respect from the employees and many a times I’ve heard people say that they are proud to work for TVS. What makes the employees so motivated to work for certain firms overlooking the pay scale and perks? One should deeply delve into the psychological theories that support motivation, perception and attitude.

Etiquette of the company:

This is one thing that a firm has to clearly communicate to its work force. The ideology and principle behind the running of the business should be genuine and authentic.

The pathway to achieve those missions should be realistic and achievable-to put it clearly a firm should have its business roots stemming out from clear cut intent and purpose.

When JRD Tata wanted to start a steel plant in India, not many believed it to be a possible venture. The business legend had clear cut intent of installing a steel plant to utilize the resources available in India and to pass on the proceeds for the economic benefit of the country. Nobody suspected his intent; such was his determination and resolve.


This infographic beautifully portraits the scenario of how the future employees would be: 

How well employees know about Your Organization?


Communication of Goals:

The management will have clear plans of production target which has to be communicated properly to the lowest level with the same amount of clarity.

This has to be done via channels or different levels of management and executives have to play their roles properly. Nobody needs to show their prowess or power; only thing needed is proper delegation of authority and responsibility.

This gives clear direction to the work force and when their immediate boss sits with them for periodic discussions to decide on the short term as well as long term objectives, they feel part of the show which immensely motivates them.

Ethical Standards of the company:

This again adds image to the company and “As is the Leader so is the Employee.”  The management should not involve itself in any kind of lobbying – When there is political corruption, malpractices become the order of the day.


What Kind of a Leader Are You?

what kind of a leader you are


A country like India needs more educated leaders who can bring awareness on the importance of economic independence and even distribution of wealth to the masses.

If people clearly know what is right and what is wrong, the unwanted elements cannot take them for a ride. Given the population, India though marching towards becoming a developed nation, the growth is hindered by poor policy decisions and sky rocketing inflation.

Clarity in Structure:

Ego clashes start when the organizations have more number of levels and generate chaos in communication. Misunderstanding creeps in because there is no clarity in “Who reports to whom?”

Line and Staff Authority

If the employees know that a superior will be there for him when he needs him that creates a kind of special bond that is to stay.

Employees need more of moral support and guidance in times of stress and pressure. The management should keep the organization flat, “the lesser the level, the lesser the evil.”Exit interviews can be conducted in a smooth fashion to save the integrity of both the firm and the leaving employee.

Motivation is not a written procedure but a natural process that has to bloom by itself. The work should make them happy and the work environment should motivate them to indulge without distraction.

Let me not get into the specs or dimensions of the work space, all I’m trying to highlight is the emotional balance and stability that a workplace can offer so that the employee is focused on the enterprise objective overlooking his personal interest.