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Why Strategic Leadership is Important

Strategic Leadership in Organizations

Every person is bestowed with innumerable opportunities through-out his/her life time. Very few are able to identify those angelistic gateways to success; I don’t agree with the age-old saying “Opportunity knocks the door only once.”

In this dynamic world we are in a position to create opportunities and build our businesses around to witness our dreams turning into reality.

Strategic leadership is a leadership style
What is strategic leadership?

Have you got the spark in you?

What started as a small spark of starting an online book store has instigated Sachin and Binny Bansal to build the top most online retail selling platform Flipkart.

Bharat Matrimony founder Murugavel Janakiraman identified the unexplored niche of prospective marriage alliances over the internet by creating an online portal which facilitated girls and boys to project their profiles suitably and search for the man or woman of their dreams with ease minus embarrassment.

A spark or an idea is what is needed to get into the groove to achieve something that delivers value not only to the creator but to the public over a period of time. Strategic leaders are not born, they are definitely made; they learn from their mistakes, have an eye for chances, molded by the environment they are exposed to and groom themselves to adapt to the setting.

What is Strategic Leadership?

Strategic leadership quote

Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization. A strategic leader institutionalizes a vision and helps the members of the organization to learn how to convert the objectives into action.

A strategic leader also helps to sustain the momentum and interest of the people working under him by exuding the passion towards accomplishing the objectives in the long run.

Organizations steered by strategic leaders are more successful in learning, both at the individual and group levels. Both the administrative and visionary traits of leadership are essential for organization-wide learning initiatives to succeed.

Ideal Qualities of a Leader

The organization always needs to learn new things and at the same time, to systematize newly discovered approaches of learning.

Strategic leaders believe human capital as an important factor in innovation and the creation of core competencies, and they invest considerable effort sustaining the health of this resource.

These leaders attach consideration in building their organization’s resources, capabilities and competencies in order to gain appropriate, sustained competitive advantages. Strategic leaders very well know that focusing on the short term and forgetting about core competencies in the face of changing circumstances will prove to deliver disastrous results.

Top Ten Characteristics of a Strategic Leader:

  1. Mission focused
  2. Ability to see the big picture
  3. Capable of matching organization’s objectives with the changing environment
  4. Creative approach to problem solving
  5. Futuristic thinking
  6. Emotionally Intelligent
  7. Build a strong team of capable people
  8. Clear about their choices
  9. Combine analytical vigor with serendipity
  10. Excellent communicators

3 Key Responsibilities of Strategic Leadership

  1. Take Responsibility for Vision, Alignment and Deployment
  2. Create a Culture of Empowerment
  3. Build Commitment.