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Instagram Marketing: 7 Powerful Tips You Must Try

Instagram Marketing Tips to Promote Your StartUp

Instagram holds one of the best leading and lucrative social media platforms for business marketers.

Instagram allows you to connect with a broad audience, especially for startups, who are looking forward to constructing their brands.

Instagram is a perfect stage for startups because it has many followers with a greater engagement rate and the right people. You can showcase your brand’s personality.

Lots of traffic can be driven from the Instagram page to other social media platforms. With all that valuable stuff, starters can jump into Instagram to mark their feet.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Use Hashtags

Framing hashtags are mandatory to increase your brand visibility and use common or exact marketing for the target audience.

Starters must consider creating specific and relevant hashtags, which is the effective marketing strategies.

Your hashtags must express your brand’s style, value. You can pick your brand name as your hashtag.

It will provide you great reach because your brand hashtags make people remember your brand frequently with the help of your brand hashtags. 

In hashtags, add your moto, tagline any crunchy punch to attract the people. You can place your location spot in the hashtags to make people easy to locate your content.

Instagram hashtag rules
# Rules

If your startup got famous, then people begin to use your hashtags and purchase your product. You can use up to 30 hashtags for a single post. Selecting right and trending hashtags will lift your content ranking. You can use keyword tools to explore the proper hashtags for your content. 

Post with hashtags receives lots of responses from your audience, such as likes, comments, views.

Invest time to create your own hashtags for your brand and make them famous. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your all post; Instagram enhances brand reach.

Tell Your Brand Story With Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are excellent features to express your brand’s story, personality in innovative ways.

Instagram’s story has lots of engaging and attractive stickers, funny parts. Instagram stories are like mini-modern tv for the people who want entertainment and also updates. 

With the creative contents like a boomerang, live session, short video clippings, impressive photos. People started to spend their whole time on the story part to obtain Instagram Story views in ample, and it showed the way to discover a new audience for your business.

Using Instagram stories, you can show off your brands by posting frequently.

Leverage Influencer Marketing 

4 types of influencers in social media marketing

Using Instagram influencer, you can increase your product or services rate. Moreover, your post can be reached by a vast audience and shared in a well-designed style.

Before preaching with influencers, make sure they have a high amount of followers with a good engagement rate.

Using influencer marketing, you can create a positive image for your startups.

Influencers use attractive videos, multimedia content to bring people to think of your products. Their continuous process encourages or influences the people to purchase your outcome.

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Navigating Social Media Trends: Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Post More Videos

Video content has an engagement rate compared with other content. Nowadays, people love to watch more videos on all social media.

Starters must focus on creating more video content to represent your brand and product.

Video content raises the authenticity and builds trust among the audience for your startup business.

Plan your video content; make sure it must be unique and engaging. Behind-the-scenes, bloopers, tiny videos, a tutorial would be the best fit for fantastic video content.

Go Live Frequently

Running live is the best practice to connect with your audience closely.

During live, you can engage questions with them, or let your audience ask questions that help make your live session interesting. Thereby you can share more details about your brands or product.

Provide your new project details, events that will take place in your company, and any product launch.

You can ask for opinions, feedback on your product with your audience. This way, you can build good relationships with your wide audience.

Create A Unique Style 

Create a unique style for your brands by maintaining the same theme throughout your Instagram post.

Depending on your product or business, you can choose the theme, background color for them. Consider making watercolor text for your product image. Place your brand logo in all your product images.

Whatever you post, whether it’s photos, videos, confirm it has high-quality and informative, influence your business in any way. You can try polls, asking a question to make your audience entertained.

Provide Offers And Discounts 

Offering the best deals and offers will increase your profit rate on Instagram.

You can provide offers and discounts to your followers.

Conduct contests, giveaways to make your account famous. Use target hashtags while running any contest.


The most crucial action is to evaluate your performance to check the best and worst content.

Make sure your post must be interesting and useful to your audience. Starter, be consistent, and follow your marketing plans correctly to accomplish your Instagram goals. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.