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Personality Development Checklist

To me personality development is “objectifying your existence through constant self analysis, find the strong points that lead to growth and cater to weak points to better oneself.” Go through this personality development checklist to know where you stand.

You may be an introvert or extrovert, but that's what defines you. 

Personality may differ from individual to individual- but that’s the beauty of it.

An introvert can be stable and grounded while an extrovert can be insecure and weak.

This goes to say that you can’t entitle a person based on their personality type as each individual has few characteristics dominant in them and few characteristics subtle.

Things introverts love

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The Science of Leadership

Leadership: Leading When You Are Not In Charge!

The manifestation of characteristics is attributed to the environment in which the individual is exposed to and nurtured in and ofcourse some are inherited.

The thing which many are not aware of is that “you can introspect yourself to find what kind of a person you are.”

This will help you in the betterment of yourself and see you through both in your personal life and career.

Read this wonderful article that lists down the 10 great characteristics of introverts which they may not even be aware of.

10 Quality Traits All Introverts Have, Even If They Don’t Know It

Personality Types

Study finds 4 main personality types — which one are you? Read this article that clearly defines the five personality traits that people fall into and the unique characteristics that define the type.

Personality Development Checklist

Discover your personality type. Take the Myers-Briggs test.

Personality Development is not Leadership

Most people relate personality development to leadership.

It is not so. Don’t define yourself based on  what others think about you or the feedback you get from them.

Self Discovery

Self discovery is the most important part in this whole journey.

Your flaws may not be flaws after all and your so-called strengths might be weighing you down.

There are lot of personality tests available that are introspective in nature and have ratings based on your answers.

Personality Tests

Personality tests work well as a starting point for self-discovery by providing results you might not have concluded on your own.

Personto ask yourselfality tests - a few questions

Here are a few things that will help you to make your day!

Use the mornings to focus on yourself and plan activities that will make you productive as well  happy

Start your day… wait, wait- no whatsapp, emails or jarring repeat videos pl. 

Again,coming back to the point, start your day with simple breathing exercises followed by a ‘five minute meditation’ session.

Just concentrate on your breathing pattern and you’ll be amazed to feel the tension melt off from your system making you more buoyant.

Go for a good coffee, I have to admit, I like it real strong with half sugar, followed by a nutritious breakfast. Mind you, healthy food is the key for a healthy mind.

There, your day has started off well.

Follow the 80/20 rule

Only 20 percent of what you do everyday produces 80 percent of your results.

That’s right, I’m talking about quality time. This is where planning takes a front seat, so as to prioritise the tasks for that day.

Eliminate the things that do not matter during the workday – they have a trivial effect on your productivity.

Tackle your challenging tasks before lunch

You heard it right! The energy you have in the morning time stands unparalleled and you have to channelize this brimming energy to achieve most important tasks for the day.

You can go for your payment follow-up, clear pending payments, plan your forecast for the coming week, track the orders  that have lined up… literally anything related to finance.

Meetings and correspondence can be dealt with later, in the afternoons.

Stop Multi-Tasking

Do you want to be christened as “Jack of all trades and master of none.” No, you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Delegate your authority when and where needed to the right people and make them accountable. This makes you to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

Take Little Breaks During the Work Hours

Refresh yourself by going for a small walk in-between, take a power nap after lunch, just close your eyes and think about nothing for a while, go for a pep coffee, just do small exercises- all these will rejuvenate your body and mind and will give you the necessary strength to endure.

Bullet Journal for self improvement and personality development

5 To-Do list mistakes and how to avoid them

Not writing  them down: Capture all that you want to do by writing them down. Don’t worry about prioritization – your mind is for thinking, not remembering.

No focus: Stick to three main tasks everyday and successfully complete them in order of importance and urgency.

Too general: Make your goals specific, measurable and make sure each task is relevant to your goals.

No Time Blocking: Assign each task to a set time-frame and avoid multi tasking.

No Rest Period: No scheduled rest period between each task may make you weary.

A free to do list printable for you