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SWOT Analysis

What is Swot Analysis and how to do a Swot Analysis Perfectly?

Strategy formulation is an integral part of management decision making as strategies come to our risk whilst there are fluctuations in the external environment.

A management expert will tell you rightly that strategies are not templates constructed for a specific purpose as they are formulated based on broad policies of a particular organization and have to be in tandem with the enterprise objectives.

Nevertheless a CEO will find himself in situations where he might be forced to make instantaneous strategic decisions irrespective of the nature of the problem, only considering the magnitude of the situation.


Significance of SWOT Analysis:

The analysis subjectively evaluates the impact of internal and external factors for a business objective. Internal processes and resources are considered strengths and weaknesses (S and W, respectively).

External factors affecting the business and industry are considered opportunities and threats (O and T, respectively). An evaluation of these factors develops a strategic perspective that includes the competitive landscape and current market conditions.

swot analysis

Need for Alternate Strategic Decisions:

Lately we are witnessing a number of multinational giants going in for Joint Ventures and Collaboration. What is the root cause for such alternate strategic decisions?

What happened to the value of the “Brand Image” of the organization or the “Profit Margins” which kept the company going? Well, this is where we have to look into the structure of their operations and most importantly the modality formulated to reach their ultimate objectives.

Definitely, there would have been a big dent somewhere in the top management notch, failing to see through the obvious.

Market Research is Inevitable for Decision Making:

Situations change and we even experience this in our day to day lives, where decision making becomes very difficult at times; further we push the situation to extreme limits and make it worse.

Planning is the very basis of our life that facilitates smooth functioning and change for the better. In big corporates, decision making is by and large the responsibility of the top management and they pass on the instructions down the line.

It is but natural that the chairman and board of directors should make all the important decisions as they are the potential capital investors.

Market research is another area that deserves mention at this juncture without which business persons cannot think of kicking off trade as it will be a sheer waste of money and time.

Understanding the pulse of the market and your target customers always help in shaping up the right strategies concerning

  • New product launch
  • Consumer Preference
  • Price determination
  • Product modification etc.,

Test marketing is one of the strategies followed by many multi national companies while they launch their new products or wish to introduce variations in their product range.

Test marketing benefits


Strategies are based on organizational policies and policies have to confer to the objectives and goals of the organization. The top management team should be a set of professional experts who should be able to gauge the existing as well as future trends of the market based on political, legal, environmental and economic changes and sketch their action plans accordingly.

Decentralising decision making and delegating the authority as and when needed are also fine strategies to gain co-operation from your employees and to bring co-ordination in the entire business set-up.