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Profile of a successful leader

Adaptive Capabilities:  Leaders need to radically change their mindset so as to stand the test of time; but the core leadership attributes like vision or creativity, intelligence, commitment, and a healthy dose of luck still continue to define the pre-requisites of success.

Integrity of  Character is most important when talking about successful leadership. The philosophical undercurrent is that “Be Good, Do Good” and you will be good. The motive must be devoid of mistakes though there is room for mistakes in judgment.

Leaders must have a clear vision and be able to communicate this vision to others so that it becomes a shared vision and everybody willingly contributes in fulfilling the vision.


Six ‘C’s or six criteria that determine a leader’s credibility 

  1. Conviction

  2. Character

  3. Care

  4. Courage

  5. Composure

  6. Competence

Cross-Functional Expertise Acquisition of knowledge should make a leader humble and flexible and gaining knowledge must be seen as a life long experience rather than collection of voluminous data or skills.

A leader will try to apply his broad functional knowledge and expertise in the right places and the results will be definitely magnificent.

A leader must look into the possible options rather than to plan, the possible rather than the perfect, involvement instead of obedience.

Change is the only entity that remains unchanged and it is inevitable for the leaders to consider change as the core element of growth.

With accelerated pace of change in the economic, political and socio-cultural environment, leaders not only need to acquire new knowledge and skills but they also need to unlearn many of the things that have out-grown their purposes.

Leaders should follow the CODE OF PRIDE to motivate the workforce.






In large corporate organizations, the leader must be willing to share power and control so that leadership is encouraged at various levels.

Successful leaders are those who are self-motivated by setting their own standards and compete with themselves.

Leadership Quote by John Maxwell

Innovation is the need of the hour

What do you mean by innovation? Creating something new or modifying the old one.

Here the term innovation implies the change in the “THOUGHT PROCESS” of leaders who are able to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Also called as “THINKING OUT OF THE BOX” where a leader finds new application for old ideas which cannot be discarded or dis-regarded.

“You must learn from your past mistakes but not Lea(r)n on your past successes”.

High achievers take moderate risks calculating the circumstances and they rely on their own abilities unlike low achievers who invariably like to minimize risks or take wild and irrational risks.

Running a corporate business has become more like an experiment since we cannot control or predict the future. It is highly unstable and unpredictable.

So leaders have to cope up with this non-linear force acting in the external environment building up pressure. Leaving things as they are can be just as predictable as changing everything, you lose or win both ways.

Now let us look at some of the definitions of Leadership

1. “Leadership is generally defined as influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards the achievement of group goals.”- Koontz and O’Donnell

2.  “Leadership is the lifting of man’s visions to higher heights, the raising of man’s performance to higher standards, the building of man’s personality beyond its normal limitations.”- Peter F.Drucker

3. “Leadership is the ability to secure desirable actions from a group of followers voluntarily without the use of correction.”- Alford and Beatty

4. “Leadership refers to the quality of the behavior of individuals where by they guide people on their activities in organized efforts.”- Chester I.Bernard

 Behavioral Commitments of a Leader:

  • Challenging the process
  • Challenging the status quo and act as radical change agents
  • Inspiring others by being pioneers, instigators, navigators and learners
  • Showing risk-taking ability, innovative ability, self-confidence and resilience
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Envisioning the future by being forward looking optimist, imaginative and broad minded
  • Developing others by empowering them
  • Inculcating a sense of ownership for jobs
  • Modeling the way through leading by example; inciting winning instincts; continuously searching for excellence; exhibiting inter personal competence.
  • Establishing integrity through display of elements of honesty, transparency and fairness.
  • Exhibiting value added consistence.