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Practical Tips for Event Planning Profs

Practical Tips for Event Planning Professionals

How to make an event outstanding!

It is always a treat to watch grand events coming live. Be it a Soccer League, Oscar awards Ceremony or more of its kind. Watching it in person or on TV creates a feeling of awe in our heart, don’t they?

Have you ever for a second thought how these grandeur events were coming alive or about the people who make these things happen? Honestly, “NO” would be the answer.

Behind all of these and more, event management professionals work untiringly to create the best experience possible for the guests, the celebrities, the sponsors & stakeholders, and the spectators.

I stumbled across this very interesting article from ALIVE – aliveeventsagency.com an Australian based event management company. It highlights how often risk assessment is overlooked and not put under high priority quotient. Read on…

Playing It Safe: Why Venue Security is a Top Priority for Event Planners

Event management requires a set of professionals working together with complete understanding to co-ordinate a particular event in style and splendor. All the people involved in the team have one notion in common –that is to make the event a grand success.

The event manager is like the captain of the crew and he should outline all the requirements of the client to his team with clarity. It is always the responsibility of event managers to perform over and above the expectations of the client to create a goodwill that will go a long way.

Practical Tips for Event Planning Profs

Lovely Beach Wedding Arrangement

Event Management has Become Inevitable:

Event managers have become part and parcel of any industry – parties, entertainment, finance, government, retail, fashion, sports, and music.

Did you know the anchors of some live shows that we dote are all products of event managers? It is a high tension environment and the glitz and glamour we witness is purely the result of the hard work they render in the back stage.

Team, Team, Team…

Though four or five people may form the core team, you need to do so many outsourcing jobs to complete the task. Say, you are a wedding planner, right from photography, video, food and cocktail to floral decoration, music and guests welcoming- so many things come under your forte. Imagine how many people you might need to successfully make that event happen!

It is better to establish contacts with a trusted set of individuals who will never let you down even in a crisis situation. That you will find out from your experience.

Creativity is the key

Event Management is all about surpassing the expectations of all parties involved in the events. There are three ways to accomplish this:

  1. Arrangement of the events (design)
  2. The events have to be unique
  3. Should suit the taste of the client and his interests.

Client’s Co-operation is more important

All said and done, the clients have to be clear in what they want – budget, ambience, kind  of events etc.,( In South Indian weddings, the girl’s side has a major financial stake in arranging the events, but the boy’s side has a better say over the matters. So it is better to know the taste and preference of the boy’ side before deciding on events. )

An event manager can never create what he imagines without the support of his team. At the same time he has to be at his best – negotiations between clients, suppliers and company, flexibility, quick thinking, lots of initiative and exceptional decision making.