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Tips to increase your learning efficiency

Tips to increase your learning efficiency

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Learning is a continuous process, and one should always be keen to explore and learn more, anytime and anywhere. There is no better investment you can make towards improving yourself than acquiring more knowledge. When you are eager to learn, it will automatically improve your learning efficiency.

Many times we have to improve our focus to learn something specific. For example, if an individual is preparing for UPSC examination, then you have to learn or prepare in a structured manner.

Your UPSC exam training is time-bound for one. So, no matter what your general approach to learning is, at this particular time, you will need to put in a directed effort to improve your chance of qualifying as an IAS officer.

Tips to increase your learning efficiency

  1. Monitor your routine

Now that you are preparing for an exam, your focus and energy must be diverted to achieve more in the given time frame. But, that should not be a cause for worry. You can keep stress at bay if you focus on learning fast and quicker than usual. By that we mean, you should attune your mind to find the value-add at every stage of your preparation.

If you start looking for something new or in addition to what you know, you will look for resources, people and interaction with a purpose. You know what you are looking for and this way, you can achieve more than you hoped for.

  1. Open your mind

You can only learn more if you have an open mind to invite suggestions and guidance. If you think you can do it all on own and don’t need assistance from people around you, then, you are at the risk of enclosing yourself in a closed box. Don’t make learning claustrophobic.

It is good to read books, gain insight, but it is equally important to put that knowledge in a practical and constructive framework. It can only happen if you share knowledge and invite feedback, discussions, debates and even healthy arguments.

It will make you more confident, and it will help you learn from a fresh perspective as well. Start using online chats, discussion forums, etc. Discover a new learning platform every day.

  1. Be self-dependent

Since it is you and only you who knows what exactly you need to learn, it is therefore vital for you to be a self-dependent person.

Take the initiative to be a part of learning forums like virtual ‘live’ classrooms and do it with the intention of contributing and participating in the discussion. It is essential to be visible in the discussion, reflecting exuberance and confidence. Also, always be inquisitive and interested to find out more, whatever be your source.

You can learn by listening to others, and at times, you can learn better by debating on the same topic with others. It is as simple as that.

  1. Read and Read more

Reading can help you gain a competitive edge. If you have an insight on the topic, then only can you discuss or share your knowledge with others.

Reading enables you to understand every subject in detail and takes you in-depth, posing new questions, points and a unique perspective on the same subject.

  1. Question yourself

No matter what your accessible source is, it is imperative for you to develop a habit of asking questions. Whether you are in a group discussion, or sitting alone and surfing the internet, it is good to question others or yourself.

If you are reading, then you must raise questions, which shows your ability to understand and analyse the subject in detail.

If there is a point you do not understand or if you come across something new today, make sure to find the answers. You can refer to the internet or ask a subject-matter expert.

If you are reading a geography book, and there is a new English word in the chapter, do not forget to note down the word and search for its meaning. All it does is, improve your vocabulary.

These are some tips to improve your learning efficiency, precisely for a competitive paper like a UPSC CSE exam.