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What Makes You a Bad Manager ?

“Never waste a good opportunity to learn from a bad manager.” Employee turnover is maximum attributed to bad management by managers and it is crucial for the managers to learn to be emotionally emphathetic.

What makes a great manager?

Great managers exhibit the following traits:

Connect people to purpose – They create a clear line of sight between the work of the individuals, the team and the larger company vision.

Give feedback – They give timely and impactful feedback by emotionally investing themselves in the employee growth.

Support career development- Follows a tailor made approach to suit the needs of each employee, guide and support them to grow into a better individual personally and professionally.

Communicate effectively – Through open communication they inform, connect and engage team members.

Try to first understand why your employees aren’t motivated

  • They aren’t tied to the vision
  • They don’t know how their work has an impact on the big picture
  • They aren’t clear on expectations
  • They aren’t getting consistent feedback
  • They don’t feel like a part of the team
  • Their passions/strengths don’t align with the work they do
  • They don’t feel trusted
  • They are not good fit for the company culture
  • They feel burnt out

What makes you a bad manager ?

Don’t micromanage – Micromanagement takes away the enthusiasm and energy from employees by creating the impression that they are not be trusted, valuable or even in control of their own projects.

Don’t be a bully – Don’t publicly humiliate or privately threaten your employees.

Don’t be a saboteur – Don’t take credit for others’ ideas and blame others while jobs are not done well. Give a fair share of recognition and appreciation to employees.

The cost of a bad manager – Employees with a negative impression on their managers leave the company at the rate of 56% more than the usual.

What makes you a bad manager ?

Okay, now, here are some really useful tips to handle a toxic work environment for employees who suffer under the influence of a bad manager!

How to Handle a Toxic Environment ?

Plan an exit strategy even if it is not tomorrow. Make plans to get the ball rolling.

Keep your space positive– be it your desk, wall, cabinet or locker.

Create a list to help you stay focused – this will help you to create a plan so as to avoid negative situations as much as possible.

Leave work at work – leave the negative energy at work. Try to create healthy habits and routines along with coping methods to replenish your energy

Keep a log of things that are happening – you might not know when you might need them as evidence, such as emails, screen shots etc.,

Stay away from the drama– don’t get swallowed up in the toxic energy. Talk to a trusted friend or co-worker about what’s going on, but don’t ever get caught up in the drama.