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Effective Teamwork Skills in the Workplace

Effective teamwork is easier said than done as it calls for huge commitment from the side of employees and managers as well.

I have also tried to incorporate few beautiful, employee friendly office space designs that will make all the difference when it comes to large teams working together.

Althought the future is little uncertain as of now due to the pandemic, I’m sure people would love to come back together in large numbers when they have to revive the lost glory of their businesses.

“Great Things in Business are never done by one person. 
They’re done by a team of people” – Steve jobs
Effective teamwork skills in the workplace

What is a winning company culture?

From – Entreleadership

Company Culture is the collective values, beliefs and norms of a business. Simply put, it’s your company’s personality and environment.

Warehouse transformed into a stunning workspace by the boroughs.

From – Thedesignfiles

The Boroughs, A Creative Hub In Camperdown. Originally a raw warehouse, the space has been overhauled by Belle Laide Events Director Mark Taylor and his team. ‘Great design is a tonic for the creative spirit,’ says Mark, who admits he’s a little mid-century obsessed.

Free flowing office space design by urban outfitters, pennysylvania.

From – Buzz Nicked

Urban Outfitters are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have a little under 20,000 full-time employees. You can see they have large rooms that are open to help with the free-flowing design. They can hold meetings while over looking Philadelphia. They add a lot of greenery to keep the place feeling lively.

Green office space to stimulate productivity.

From – Designboom

Park-like green office simulates recreational ground to promote productivity.

While the working area is placed at a distance from the windows, its perimeter has been designed as relaxing green outline. An undulating lawn works as seating for an event, to lounge and relax, or hold a meeting place in a more intimate atmosphere.

WE Architecture Unveils Pixelated Pop-Up Architecture Office at BLOX Copenhagen,Courtesy of WE Architecture

From – Archdaily

This BLOX showroom consists of a staircase gallery showcasing “the next wave of Danish architecture.”

The “pixelated” installation uses the steps of the BLOX staircase gallery to create an integrated workstation and exhibition for the firm’s projects, presented through models, renders, technical drawings, sketches etc.

Office Wall poster motivational

Office Wall Posters Motivational

Working in an office with motivational posters increases employee performance success rate by 33%. … Bare walls aren’t only boring, they might be also doing your team a disservice.