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Tips for a Successful Tech Start-Up

There are so many tech start-ups emerging, as digital technology moves on in leaps and bounds, with the Internet of Things on the horizon. Perhaps you are a good front-end developer who has access to a great team and with the right things in place, there’s no reason why you can’t compete in this huge market that is growing exponentially.

Here are a few tips to help make it happen.

  • Funding – Of course, you need to crunch the numbers and come up with a figure you need to turn your vision into reality and if you come up short, there are several ways that you can fund your start-up. You could crowdfund, as many digital entrepreneurs do successfully, or you could put together a presentation and invite potential investors. Another idea is to approach another developer with a view to setting up a partnership; your partner naturally comes up with 50% of the start-up funding, which eases the burden. If you have a good working relationship with your bank, they might be interested in checking out your business plan, while there are online lenders that specialise in start-up funding.

  • Global market – Take advantage of the unique services at www.globalcitizenstranslation.com, the leading global translation provider with more than 500 language pairs to choose from. Having the ability to communicate with non-English speaking people is a real game-changer and it couldn’t be easier to use the on-demand service; simply book your translator and they will be ready to join your Zoom call at the agreed time. You can set up a business meeting with that Chinese client, without worrying about language issues and with more than 500 language pairs, you are not limited in any way.
Tips for a Successful Tech Start-Up
  • Web portal – This is very much your shop window and a chance to show some stunning code; invest in professional web design and create a brand that will become known for creativity and quality. You might want to think about digital marketing, with ongoing SEO to get your brand known. Here are a few key roles that your start-up needs.

  • Tech recruitment – If you need to put together a team asap, you should create accounts with the best tech recruitment agencies. When the need arises, a quick search will find developers and code writers who are ready to go at the drop of a hat, so to speak. Time is of the essence when you have a client who wants your product and if you can’t meet their deadline, they will use another outfit.

  • Where to base your company – As you know, delivering digital products means you can be based anywhere and some countries offer great incentives for foreign investors. If you are looking at Ireland as a potential venue for your start-up, here is some important information, while many entrepreneurs prefer to be based in Southeast Asia.

The marketplace is highly competitive, as you already know and if you do your networking and invest in some SEO, there’s every reason to expect success.