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What Motivates Your Employee

Motivation is one area where periodical updates are necessary for an organisation to gauge the morale and mood of their employees.

Companies sometimes act very smart in that they break their hands by patting their own back. If you wish to propel your organisation forward, you need to satisfy your work force first. The million dollar question is a big “HOW?”

Well, a problem properly diagnosed is half done. And this motivation thingy is not a problem at all. Keen observation and understanding is what is needed on a manager’s part to steer things in the right direction, that is good for the company.
Man, even your kid will turn his back if you want to take control by unleashing your power. The right thing to do is to find out exactly how motivated they are.
employee motivation

There are several things that come into the purview of motivation.Let us do this in a questionnaire format so that things might fall in place.

Question No 1: What is that, that motivates an employee, to be more precise your employee? (This turns out to be the hot dissertation topic for many young MBA’s)

Is it any one of the following?

  • Financial rewards
  • Clear Goals
  • Connecting with others
  • Rank
  • Appreciation and Recognition
  • Throat neck competition
  • Job security
  • Fear
  • Results
  • Excitement
  • Variation or Diversity

What motivates your employee

Principle of Motivation:

Well, the principle of motivation is pretty much the  same for all individuals. I 100 % go with Maslow’s hierarchial needs theory which travels right from physical needs at the base of the pyramid upto self realisation at the top.

If this is the case,how come there is a disparity when everybody is subjected to the same kind of influence at the work place?

For some it stops somewhere in the middle who are very much satisfied with the pay check figure and the perks that go with it.

For some there is an inner drive that makes them unstoppable until they reach the pinnacle. This is the very thing that differentiates a manager from a subordinate. This is the very thing that distinguishes a CEO from a manager.

This is the same thing that generates top business guns and management gurus who fall a genre apart form the rest of the crowd. Well, there are other factors such as the family background and the environmental influence that shaped up your personality all through.

How to keep your team motivated

Motivation Surveys:

Motivation surveys are not only important in getting to know your employees but also it showers a immaculate image on the company. It feels good for your workforce when they are involved and consulted with, on issues related to themselves.

A recent Harvard review has stated that most of the managers feel that they really get motivated when there is : “Recognition for Good Work.” But folks, you will be surprised to know that the same review reveals another side of the coin, the top motivation for workers is when they make “Progress.”

Again, call it the inner drive, impulse, motive, ambition, fire in belly, vigor, vitality…Getting to know your work force makes you “BOND WITH THEM” and it aids you in plugging the holes at the right place and at the right time.

See, there is no bench mark for motivation, you respect your work force, treat them with dignity, communicate well and give them what they want and that’s it, you are defintely a winner. If you are a person capable of motivating your work force, you automatically become a source of inspiration.

My humble suggestions to managers goes thus:

1. Make your employees understand what motivates them.( Kindly find what flares your temper before venturing into this exercise.!)
2. Understand that people are motivated for different reasons.
3. Work with your teams to set clear goals that gives them direction and #clarity.
4. Provide with challenging tasks to those deserving and potential employees.
5. Build a strong employee relationship that stands the test of time.
6. Recognise the good work and show no reservations to appreciate in front of everybody.
7. Let criticisms be dealt in private.
8. You definitely don’t need a survey or questionnaire to know them, it is only a matter of time if you are aware of their family and friends.
9. Be always there for them even at the cost of your time and energy.
10. Emotional support is what they look up for during times of stress and give it to them without restraint.