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Is Python a Dying Language?

Is Python a Dying Language?
Python is not a dying language. If anything it seems to be growing and growing and growing. To get some programming experience under your belt, learn Python. Python has its own elegance. Does Python Langauage Has Future? FYI, future and present programmers, Python is becoming the first-choice language for learning it to get “actual jobs.” Python Topping the List in Top 10 Programming Languages in 2022 It is an object-oriented, flexible, general-purpose programming language created 30 years ago by Guido van Rossum. This technology is used in the development of applications such as: Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, Uber, Reddit, Dropbox, Spotify, Google Search, Youtube and many more. Therefore, skilled Python programmers are highly sought after by IT recruitment agencies. Its popularity is underlined by the fact that In 2021 Python was the top programming language in TIOBE and PYPL Index. It can be assumed that this tendency will continue. Python Applications Python Advantages High levelSimpleOpen sourceGui programmingLarge standard libraryExpressive languageObject orientedInterpreted Downside Speed limitationsWeak in mobile computing and browsersDesign restrictionsUnder-developed data base access layers The programming language provides a great starting point for beginners. If you’re looking for one of the more user-friendly and popular coding languages to learn, you should definitely try Python! 10 Companies Using Python Scope Career in Data Science or AI industryWe DevelopmentFull-stack Python Developers in Startups Difficulty level: Easy to learn. One of the best programming languages for beginners.  Key Takeaway: As a professional skilled in python, you will have your chance of working with one of your dream companies. What Does the Future have in Store for Python Professionals? Businesses across the world are looking for expert Python professionals who can satisfy the needs of their clients. Data science, big data, and networking are three areas where the python application and growth shall be substantial in the years to come. Average Salary Levels of a Skilled Python Programmer in India: Entry-level Python developer – ₹427,293. Mid-level Python developer – ₹909,818. Experienced Python developer – ₹1,150,000. Python Developer Salary Comparison in US References: Top 10 Programming Languages in 2022Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022Career Opportunities in Python: Everything You Need To Know [2022]Python Developer Average Salary in United States...
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