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Why Cyber Security Might be the Right Career for You

Why Cyber Security Might be the Right Career for You

Cyber security plays a role in almost everything you perform online right from shopping and sending emails to banking. Cyber threats cover a wide range of malicious activities that can occur through cyber space.

Such threats include website defacement, espionage, theft of intellectual property, denial of service attacks and destructive malware.

It has become a major concern over the past few years as hackers have infiltrated the IT infrastructure and governments and enterprises with increasing frequency and cleverness. The growth of mobile and loT devices will increase exposure of a cyber security hack and enterprises and governments are preparing themselves.

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Top 5 Types of Cyber Attacks

The costs associated with these data breaches continue to rise and the companies and countries are forced to invest more in cyber security to ward off increasing threats.

Have you thought of becoming a cyber security professional to get a strong foot hold in this fast growing industry? With openings for analysts, developers, programmers and more, there are innumerable opportunities.

Check out the following attributes generally related with these careers to find out if you are cut for a job in cyber security.

  1. You are a gadget addict
  2. You like to solve problems like Sudoku
  3. You are not overwhelmed by complex situations
  4. You enjoy saving the day
  5. You have a wild imagination
  6. You are a good listener
  7. Multi-tasking is your natural ability
  8. You are a team player
  9. Staying ahead of the learning curve is where you want to be
  10. You pay attention to even minute details

If any of the traits sound more like you, cyber security could be the specialty you’re seeking. The skills are indeed crucial, but who you are as a person, what you enjoy doing and how you handle certain situations contribute to building a successful career.

The company SolarWinds compiled this list of tips together to make it much harder for companies to be compromised.


Cyber Security Skills Gap

Increase in demand: The demand for cyber security professionals has grown more than 3.5 times faster than the demand for other I.T jobs over the past five years.

Average Salaries of Cyber Security Workers

  • The filed of cyber security has increased more than 12 times faster than the demand for all other NON I.T jobs.
  • There was an estimated need for over 3,30,000 new I.T security professionals worldwide over the past year. There was 73%  increase in information security job postings in the past five years in the U.S compared to the average of 6% increase for all jobs.
  • 88% of organizations say qualified security staff is important.
  • 56% feel they have too few information security workers to manage threats right now. Let alone an increase of threats in future.
  • 35% say they would hire additional security professionals but find it hard to get qualified people

Top 5 Areas of Cyber Protection

  • Only 15% of I.T and business leaders are very confident that they have the security related skill sets needed to combat evolving threats.
  • Over 60% believe the growing scope and complexity of I.T security can make comprehensive security very difficult in the near future.